18.00 The Christmas Gala opens. Upon arrival, you will be kindly asked to produce personal invitations. Our friendly staff will help you find the cloakroom and your table while a smooth voice from the loudspeakers and a glass of sparkling wine will set the festive mood. Sounds of pop music can be heard from the stage. Ready to surprise, the gaily decorated hall of Saku Suurhall will welcome you warmly. DJ Vaido Pannel
19.20 Let’ get the party started! Impressive stage show by Dance Factory. The host of the event comes on stage
19.40 Gala dinner, hot course is served to the tables
20.10 Host on stage
20.15 A glamorous performance by Elina Nechayeva accompanied by musicians of the “Starts of Classical Music”, led by Johan Randvere, Marten Altrov, Karl Johan Kullerkupp and Andres Kungla.
20.45 Pause on stage, DJ Vaido Pannel
21.00 Dance Factory’s dance show
21.20 Pause in the programme, cold dishes are served to the tables
21.45 Rasmus Rändvee with band, Dance Factory
22.15 Dessert is served to the tables
22.45 A grand stage show by the most famous star of our country, Anne Veski, accompanied by a band of eight musicians
23.45 Hosts on stage, DJ Vaido Pannel
00.10 Men from planet Smilers will take us to new heights and show us what a proper party looks and sounds. On stage: 25 years of hits by the Smilers
01.30 Video disco by DJ Vaido Pannel is the event’s dazzling finale
02.30 End of celebration