Carmen Catering menu

Homemade rye bread with seeds and dried fruits

Herby farm bread

Herb butter
Rockfish fillet in sweet and sour marinade

Salt cured mackerel with cucumbers, radishes and horseradish

Rye bread with egg, tomato & red onion salad and Kipper “anchovies”
BBQ flavoured pork jelly, cucumber & mustard salad

Chicken and bacon terrine, Mediterranean tomato & bean sauce

BBQ Hiiumaa lamb topside with grilled Peipus onions and fresh peppermint sauce
Spanakopita (Greek ricotta and spinach filled pie)

Spring rolls with vegetable omelette, cilantro and green onions, sweet chili sauce

Mustard seed marinated cucumbers, pearl onions and baby bell peppers
Potato and ham salad

Potato salad with grilled chicken breast, apples and light yogurt sauce

Fresh vegetable salad with feta, Kalamata olives and basil
Herbes de Provence and port 24-hour braised beef cheek

Sage roasted chicken breast galantine with Cheddar and crispy bacon

Rosemary and lingonberry demi-glace

Oven roasted potatoes with fresh dill and garlic

Braised red cabbage with apple cider and cinnamon
Blueberry cheesecake

Mini pecan brownies

Apricot & mango cake pop with passionfruit glaze
Cucumber ice water


Coffee, tea
Codorniu Seco 75 cl

One glass of welcome drink per guest

Kendermanns Riesling Kabinett 75 cl

One bottle per table

Masi Modello 75 cl

One bottle per table

Saaremaa Vodka 50 cl

One bottle per table

Each guest receives 1 welcome glass of sparkling wine, and there are 3 bottles of alcohol per table for 10 within the price

Amount of food per person: 1115 g.
All courses will be served on serving dishes directly to the table by waiters. The hot course is served at the very beginning of the evening, the cold course in the middle of the celebration, and dessert in the second half of the event.

Bars will be open during the entire event, selling hard liquor and other alcohol drinks.
Cash and card payments can be accepted.

Jevgeni Ševtšuk